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J-Rocks News #2


Dec 23 2008 – J-Rocks gets selected as MTV Indonesia AIDS spokesband for 2008 (yes im a bit late reporting this, sorry) ‘MTV Indonesia has chosen rock band J-Rocks as the spokesband for this year’s MTV Staying Alive concert, the TV network’s initiative to encourage HIV prevention and fight stigma and discrimination against people living […]

J-Rocks news


Latest News (or maybe even gossip-whatever I can find 1-4 of a world away) Sept 18 2008 – J-Rocks win best performance at Soundrenaline Yogyakarta 2008. My partner was lucky enough to go to this (grr) and he told me that J-Rocks won this event between the bands. The theme of the competition was ” […]

SID シド


Im still very new to SID, but I did enjoy listing to the album Hoshi no Miyako while I was curled up in a blanket on the couch with a cold. ^^ Boppy pop-rock, easy listening and jazzy is a nice combination. [UPDATE: SID recently announced they will be signing up to a Major label, […]



Kagrra, (spelled with a ‘,’ on the end) are quite possibly my fav band right now. So now Im rounding up as much info as I can find about them. My Japanese language skills are virtually non existant, so all the info I find will be from other peoples sites. But I will give credit […]

Hello hello, My first post shall be dedicated to the band that started my j-rock obsession, and they are coincidentally known as ‘J-Rock’s’ (or the artists formerly known as J-Rockstar 😉 Technically theyre not ‘j-rock’ coz theyre Indonesian, but that doesn’t mean they’re ‘i-rock’ *lol* either, the lyrics are (mostly) in Indonesian but with a […]