Toge to neko (thorn & cat -& yes I know what the song is about. Im not like that tho) is a song I quite like by SID (シド) and if you want to check it out, just pop over to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKoTpK8p-uE It also sounds a bit like my cats name Tookeynoo >^. .^<~ . I also dance like the lead singer (Mao). 😀 and on my way to play like the bassist -give it another month ^_^’ (Im a bass girl)

As you might’ve supposed, I recently became quite a fan of Japanese rock music, and Im slowly making my way through the many artists I can find. A great help is last.fm. If you dont have it, I suggest you check it out (see links). I dont understand Japanese at all (-did 1 year of hiragana over 10 years ago (feeling old now) and that was that. Unfortunately it was before i got into jpop culture *hiks*) so i wont be able to help with translation stuff. sorry.

Decided to write a blog about stuff i like and at the moment its j-rock, so here it is. I’ll spend hours browsing the web to find as much as i can about a particular band and if anyone has anything to add, theyre most welcome to. I got into j-rock through an Indonesian band called ‘J-Rock’s’ (previously j-rockstar) who I saw when I was in Indo. They write original music in Japanese pop-rock style. Previously heard of Utada Hikaru though a friend but that was about it. Back in NZ was a while later I decided to find out what the fuss was about l’arc en ciel, dld their best clicked singles album (good place to start) and listened to it a bit. My first impressions were a bit like … woah… thats.. really.. weird. Bit it made me smile, so I gave them another chance and then it somehow changed the chemical make up of my brain, and now im obsessed damn it!. I still enjoy ‘western’ music, but i really love the energy, skill, power and emotion that the j-rockers put in their music. Also love the fashion.. they just look so cool too! wish more guys dressed and had their hair like them ^^…

New Zealand is a j-rock free zone sadly. I hope I can help change that a bit. Anyone wanting to start a j-rock band in Auckland, let me know. I have a bass ^^ just need a couple of guitars, drums, singer…. (LOL)


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