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Latest News: (That I try and will probably fail to keep up with)
18th September 08 – Kagrra,’s new single: Uzu 渦 Released 9th September 08
Yey Kagrra, has a new single! And its so pretty ^_^ *love the koto* Check it out here: Uzu on YouTube
Easily likable song, favourite bit is the start of the chorus when it kinda goes bam into the song.. thats cool. Its also avaliable on various j-rock circulation journals (google it). The second song (Hoozuki 鬼灯) is the background song that was on their website recently! cool.. this song is a bit different, kinda loungy feel to it -the last 3rd of the song brings in that woven quilt of sound that kagrra, does so well. And the 3rd song is Shigatsu Tsuitachi 四月一日 -the same from their recent album Core. Catchy upbeat song nonetheless.


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