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Im still very new to SID, but I did enjoy listing to the album Hoshi no Miyako while I was curled up in a blanket on the couch with a cold. ^^ Boppy pop-rock, easy listening and jazzy is a nice combination.

[UPDATE: SID recently announced they will be signing up to a Major label, although it isn’t certain if they will continue with Danger Crue or join another company.]

SID シド (shido) are a 4 man indie band that started in 2003 by Mao (vocalist -ex SHULA) and Aki (Bass ex-RAM REM). They were quickly joined by Shinji (guitarist -ex Uranus) and Yuuya (Drummer- ex SHULA), and officially pronounced their complete band on Jan 14th 2004 during their show at the Meguro Rock May Kan. Originally starting out as another Visual kei band, their (Mao’s) aim was to quicky grow out of that genre to follow their own path and have done so by incorporating a number if different elements – especially jazz, blues & latin influences- that are not often found in visual kei music. They could also be considered a bit oshare-kei as some of their songs are very upbeat. (IMHO)
They released their first minidisc in August 2003 Yoshigai gaku 17 sai (mushoku), which was so popular its 2nd press also sold out. 2004 was a busy year for the new SID, in March they released their first single Kaijou-Ban 会場盤, and then were invited to visit and play in the USA (a lucky chance since Miyavi decided to pull out of the event) at the 2 day ACEN (Anime Central) American Convention, which drew a number of international fans to them. Later in the year, they were to release 2 more singles (signed under the indie label Sony’s Danger Crue Records) and their first full album Renai 憐哀 -レンアイ in December.

SIDs’ success continued through 2005 playing many sold out concerts including their own one-man show. Towards the end of 2005 they released 2 more singles (Sweet? reaching #23 on the Oricon charts -Japans official singles chart) and their second album Hoshi no Miyako 星の都 (reaching #26).

2006 would see the band break into the top 10 with their single chapter 1. 2 other singles were released that year, helping to place their 3rd album Play in number 9. This was also the year, like a few other visual bands, that they dropped their visual look to something a little more mainstream.

4 new singles were released in 2007, including Mitsuyubi 蜜指 ミツユビ which reached the top 5, but no major album. During this time, they went on 2 solo tours around Japan and released their first DVD SIDNAD vol.1 ~film of“play”~.

In 2008, although still classed as an indie band, SID have seemed to break into out of their underground image to become a major band in their own right with the success of their recent albums and from their live performances. They released their fourth album Sentimental Macchiato センチメンタルマキアートand are yet to release a single (that I can find.) They have just recently released their second DVD SIDNAD Vol.2~CLIPS ONE~ and in August 13th 2008 they will release an album of B sides Side B complete collection ~e.B~.

Band Members:

A little about the band members:
Aki – Bass & Composer (born 3 February) personal blog (japanese)
Mao – Vocalist & Composer (born 23 October) personal blog (japanese)
Shinji – Guitarist (born 8 February) personal blog (japanese)
Yuya – Drummer (born 9 December) personal blog (japanese)

Discography (to date):


  • [2004.12.22] Renai (憐哀 -レンアイ)
  • [2005.11.16] Hoshi no Miyako (星の都)
  • [2006.11.08] play
  • [2008.02.20] Sentimental Macchiato (センチメンタルマキアート)


  • [2004.03.28] Kaijou-Ban (会場盤)
  • [2004.04.04] Tsuhan-Ban (通販盤)
  • [2004.06.06] Ryutsu-Ban (流通盤)
  • [2005.07.20] Paint Pops
  • [2005.10.12] Sweet? # 23
  • [2006.02.08] Hosoi Koe # 18
  • [2006.06.14] chapter 1 # 10
  • [2006.08.16] Otegami (御手紙) #41
  • [2007.04.04] smile
  • [2007.07.11] Natsukoi (夏恋)
  • [2007.09.26] Mitsuyubi (蜜指 ミツユビ)
  • [2007.12.05] Namida no Ondo (涙の温度)


  • [2007.02.07] SIDNAD vol.1 ~film of“play”~
  • [2008.05.14] DVD SIDNAD Vol.2~CLIPS ONE~

Source Links: Official Site Wikipedia JaME World profile

In My Humble Opinion:

First song I heard of SID a couple of months ago, was Toge to neko, and its still my favourite SID song. I do like their jazzy style, but it has taken me a little longer to ‘understand’ where theyre coming from. Whereas with a band like Kagrra, their expression and aim is quite easy to identify and understand (neo-japanesque basically sums them up) yet with SID Ive found it a little difficult to think of them in a certain way as their songs are quite different ranging from light and boppy, to jazzy and then to growling rock (Migite no Spoon to Hatsukoi to me seems almost out of place on their album Sentimental Macchiato). Although they are starting to grow on me the more I listen to them.


2005 – Sweet?

2005 – Toge to Neko (live)

2006 – Chapter 1

2007 – Mitsuyubi

2007 – Namida No Ondo

Lyrics + Translations can be found here


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