J-Rock’s (J-RockS, JRS, J-Rockstar, Jakarta-Rockstars)


Hello hello,
My first post shall be dedicated to the band that started my j-rock obsession, and they are coincidentally known as ‘J-Rock’s’ (or the artists formerly known as J-Rockstar πŸ˜‰

Technically theyre not ‘j-rock’ coz theyre Indonesian, but that doesn’t mean they’re ‘i-rock’ *lol* either, the lyrics are (mostly) in Indonesian but with a refreshing j-rock flavour. There isnt a huge amount of info about them in english, but il try my best to translate the Indo info. Very sorry if I miss-read something! ^^ no pressure..

J-Rock\'s the band

About the band -A brief history:
J-Rocks played infront of an audience for the first time on the 9th Nov 2003. Not long afterwards in the beginning of 2004, the Jakarta Rockstars entered the Nescafe Get Started indie band competition in Bandung. After successfully winning this competition, they were snagged by the Aquarius Musikindo label and released their first album ‘Topeng Sahabat’ [Topeng= Mask, Sahabat = Friend. Mask of friend? its a metaphor obviously ^_^] in July 2005. Although it wasn’t a big hit straight away, and it didnt win any awards, the album was decent and although not mainstream enough for the general Indonesian population, they quickly gained favour in the small [by indonesian standards] community of people interested in Japanese pop culture as they have a distinctive j-rock sound.

J-RockS consists of 4 members; Iman Taufiq Rahman (Vocalist & guitarist born in Jakarta, 19 July 1982) -ex guitarist of Funky Kopral, Sony Ismail Robbayani (guitarist, born in Jakarta, 24 September 1983), Swara Wima Yoga (bassist, born in Jakarta 29 November 1981) and Anton Rudi Kelces (drummer, born in Jakarta, 17 August 1982.) J-RockS are not only liked because they are great musicians, songwriters and compose unique arrangements at every live performance, but also because their appearance is not bad.

One of the unique qualities of this band that is perhaps less known to the general public, is that it not only has a loyal fan base, but also a group of slanderers aka Anti-JRS. Many of these Anti-JRSers have one main reason for hating JRS, that being that their music is very similar to L’arc~en~ciel or Laruku, a very popular band in japan thats been around for the last 13-odd years. Even worse than that, they paint JRS as plagiarizing Laruku by copying their style. Often the Anti-JRSer will identify members of JRS with the members of Laruku according to the instrument they play; like Sony with Ken (Laruku Guitarist) Wima with Tetsu (Laruku Bassist), Anton with Yuki (Laruku Drummer) and seemly most often attacked is Iman who is seen as a “Hyde wannabe” from his personal style to his music style, even Iman’s falsetto is also compared with the Laruku vocalist who, even though aging, is still considered very cute. With all of these accusations about the similarity between bands, Iman as the vocalist and frontman of JRS is very relaxed about them, like they are something common in the world of music, and JRS themselves (especially Iman) are also fans of Laruku. Fortunately the debate between fans and Anti-JRSers only happens in forums, Friendster and in the digital world.

In 2007, JRS released their second album “Spirit”. Why Spirit? According to Iman, “because those who hear our album can feel ‘semangat'[fervor, spirited] and inspired to do positive things..’ For this album they have a guest appearance for the song ‘Kau Curi Lagi’ (You Steal Again) a young and upcoming talented female guitarist [who can sing too. some people get all the talent 😦 ] Prisa Adinda. They also went to Japan to film 2 of the music videos for this album and ran a competition for a number of fans (3?)to join them and be in the videos (‘Spirit’, ‘Juwita Hati’). Lucky lucky.

Currently theyre touring Indo, with an event in Bandung tomorrow, then an event in Jogjakarta [yey, i like jogja] the day after.

So now for the Discography:

Topeng Sahabat
Topeng Sahabat (2005)
1.Lepaskan Diriku (Released From Me)
2. Kuingin Kau Untukku (I Want You For Me)
3. Entah Bagaimana (How come..)
4. Into the Silent
5. Topeng Sahabat (Mask of Friend)
6. Ceria (Cheerful/Carefree)
7. Cahaya-Mu (Your Light)
8. Berharap Kau Kembali (Hopeful you’ll Return)
9. Selamat Tinggal Kekasihku (Farewell my Beloved)
10. Mestinya Ku Akhiri Semua (I Should End It All)
11. Kono Mune Ni (Japanese version of Berharap Kau Kembali)

Spirit (2007)
1. Cobalah Kau Mengerti ((You) Try To Understand)
2. Spirit
3. Juwita Hati (Lover *term of endearment)
4. Tersesal (Regret)
5. Kau Curi Lagi (You Steal Again) Feat. Prisa Adinda
6. Saatnya Kau Bicara (The Time You Said..)
7. Mestinya Kau Tau (You Should Know)
8. PDKT (PenDeKaTan – approach)
9. Aku Harus Bisa (I Should Can -literally.)
10. Semakin Sendiri (More and More Alone)

Im very sorry If I’ve translated anything wrong, or got the wrong sense ^_^ just let me know (nicely) and il change it.

In My Humble Opinion:
After hearing Laruku and various other japanese bands, I dont think JRS sound alot like Laruku at all. There is however a fine line between influence and plagiarism. I can understand that they would be influenced by them, there are many Japanese bands that have Laruku moments, and I dont think its a bad thing. Laruku almost embody the spirit of Japanese pop-rock and it would be virtually impossible to do a j-rock style band without being influenced by such a great talented band. I hope JRS feel flattered by such a comparison. If someone told me I sounded like Tetsu I would be beyond happy (its my goal in life to be like him, but I dont want to look like him. Rather look like Toshiya in his blue kimono thing ^^). I will admit however, the guitar intro in Laruku’s Ce’st la vie, does sound similar to Ceria, but seeing as Ceria is now 3 years old, wouldn’t you think the producers and record company’s representing the mega band Laruku would’ve sued J-Rocks by now if they thought they were plagiarizing them? As far as Im aware they havent, so I think some people need to let go of that and get on with life. Cest’ la vie everyone. Anyhoo,
I saw J-Rock’s in Jogja in 2005 at Liquid (I think). They were really good & seemed like a happy bunch. If anyone was there, I was the crazy bule girl jumping about while everyone else was just standing. *^^* One thing I didnt like much was that the event was sponsored by a cigarette company that gave everyone a free pack of cigarettes as they came in! OMG!… The smoke was thick as they started playing. Poor Iman, I’d hate to sing through that. (Im a non-smoker. In NZ, something like that happening would cause a major outcry and the sacking of some politician! lol) Couldnt get the smell of smoke out of my room/clothes/hair for days.
Ive listened alot to both albums, and think at a pinch I like the 1st album better. I think because the first album had a couple of dark, lil bit heavy stuff on it, whereas the 2nd album is quite light the whole way through. Theyre both good albums tho, they all play their part really well, and Prisa does an excellent job on Kau Curi Lagi.
So, if youre still interested after this massive rant, heres a few songs I like and recommend (I like most but il try be extra picky). From Topeng Sahabat: Lepaskan Diriku -fun, rocky, good all-round song. Kuingin Kau Untukku – pretty lyrics, nice soft ballad. Ceria – was on MTVIndo alot at the time, happy and catchy. Cahaya-Mu -Kinda dark sounding, but I really like the driving guitar and bass sound. Selamat tinggal Kekasihku – very sad but optimistic lyrics, lovely melody with bass. Berharap Kau Kembali/Kono Mune Ni -worth a look, unique sound.
From Spirit: Cobalah Kau Mengerti, I really like the chorus and its fun to sing to. Spirit, nice lyrics if you ignore the little bit weird english ^^, great melody. Juwita Hati – cute lyrics, nice jazzy feel. Kau Curi Lagi, also a great one to sing to, especially if you can find someone to duet with you ^^ best song on the album methinks.
What else can I say.. oh, the j-rock look is awesome – stick with it please! Men in make-up are very hot. *LOL* & selalu semangat ^^

Special Credit Goes To….
This is where I got the majority of material that I did a kind of indirect translation of. Thanks for the good info guys & keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

Official website of J-Rocks where you can find all the latest news tidbits, lyrics, join the club, and you can book them for your next event. (Wonder how much they cost… great if they can play my wedding next year! <3)

J-rocks on Last.Fm, find vids, music, statistics etc

Looking for the guitar tab? Try here.

Lets see a vid or two:
Kau Curi Lagi feat. Prisa.

Lepaskan Diriku (hehe their style back then was cool ^^) Also check out more from jrocksfever, s/he has some other interesting stuff.

Great clip of J-rocks vs. Funky Kopral (FunKop)


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  1. 1 Rina

    Pertm kali tau J-Rocks dr tv, dgn lguny Ceria. Dr prtm dngr aq dah suka bngt, apa lg video clipny lucu bngt.
    Mulai dr situ aq trus nyari tau tntang J-Rocks, syngny sulit bngt coz g bnyk orng yg tau about them.
    Walaupun skrg sdh bnyk orng yg knal ma mreka and tau lagu mrka, tp gak tau knp aq msh ksulitan nyari poster mreka.
    Tp itu smua bkn mslah buatq, yg pnting aq msh bs nikmatin krya mrk.
    Buat J-Rock, trus brkarya, ya… Jgn cpt puas dngn apa yg sdh didpt. Aq tunggu album ke 3 kalian.

  2. 2 togetoneko

    Thanks for the comment Rina ^^ Im waiting for the 3rd album too πŸ˜‰

  3. 3 Dedy Cogant

    Gue Seneng banget yang namanya J-rock

  4. 4 amy

    ZOMG! i love jrocks! ^__^

  5. 5 SuGaB

    J-ROCK Is #1



  7. 7 70n24

    sory bru tau aboat internet nj kd bru skrg bs ngomen ttg j-rock
    gw tau j-rock dr taon 2006.
    gw paling suka dg model rambut lue2 smua.
    gw pengen bgt bs jumpa langsung dg lue j-rock…?
    kpn bs k aceh…?
    d sini dah byk loch fan’s nya…

  8. 8 70n24

    x-an mua skrg lg sibuk apa…..?
    kmaren gw liat d global tv.,.,
    sumpah gw g nyangka lue2 smua bs uga jaga anak2 yg lumayan bandel.,.,.,.,
    d antara smua lagu x-an .,.,
    yg paling gw suka………. smakin sendiri………
    kapan d buat vidio klip nya…..,.,.,.?
    oya jgn lupa d buat jadwal manggung d aceh yaaaa.,.,.,…?
    tepat nya d kota lhokseumawe….,.,.
    smua nya tonna tunggu yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.,.,????????????????

  9. 9 ayao

    yup.. i like your ‘there’s a fine line between copiying and being influenced’..
    j-rocks however did their own.although laruku streams them thickly.
    the anti-j-rocks mostly are just the laruku-complex.they can not explain themselves how could anybody that influenced by laruku also could be so cool,than them..
    anton-kun,drum-suru koto wa kuuru ne..
    moo gambare..!

  10. 10 fina

    kapan ka2 jrocks mo ka taziek? Ak n bundaku resep pisaaan…

  11. 11 rini

    Aishiteru… wima

  12. 12 rini

    ad yg tau ga, gmn cara gabung friendster wima?? gw gagal trus masuk ksana ktny kslhn nama n almt email,, pdhl betul kok

  13. 13 togetoneko

    kalau FS wima ini: http://profiles.friendster.com/20711601
    Last name: sumbogo
    tapi gak tau emailnya. i tried it, but dun need email. Just wait for acceptance :p

    hope it helps ^^

  14. 14 justcallme_vie

    J-Rock kapan maen ke semarang????

    ? aku tunggu kedatangan kalian selalu…
    Buat Wima,aku fans berat muw………..


  16. 16 Dika

    Hei aa iman ,bang wima ,kang anton ,mas sony aq ngefans bgt lho cm j-rocks apalagi kang anton mkany cm ky YUKIHIRO(drumerny laruku) kpn y manggung k semarang lagi ??????? Mmm…ql g slh pcrny mas sony dian novita y yg jd parnerny vega d’empat mata ????

  17. 17 eva risanti

    hai j-rock mt knl mau nggak ke jk q ksh gudek deh mau ya

  18. 18 Dika

    Met y bwt j-rocks jd runner upny mtv ampuh bwt kak anton smg tmbh narzizzz aja trs bwt kak iman tmbh manis ajaaaaa trs kak sony bntar lg ultah ni yee ! Kdo dr dian novita pa ?

  19. 19 Dika

    Kang anton kug gntg bgt ch aq cr psterny j-rocks kug g dpt” y ????

    Kang…kug ql ngdram tngnny buset….g bkl da grup band indonesia yg ky kang anton g da 2ny dch !!!!

    Kang tlg donz aq ksh nmrny kang anton aq ud tlpn managermentny j-rocks ktny nmrny prbdi tlg donz ksh nmr hpny kang anton y plizzzzzz…..!!!!
    Tlg d’bc y kang,,,,,

  20. 20 togetoneko


    Just so everyone is aware, I am in no way related to, or affiliated with anyone in j-rocks, j-rocks management or PT Aquarius Musikindo. Everything I wrote is using my own research skills.

    I would love to answer all your random questions, but being in NZ and living a 10 hour flight away from the nearest J-rocks concert, you guys would have a better chance of knowing these things than I do. *poor me*

    Thanks for the comments tho, they’re really funny. ^_^

  21. 21 Devy

    Bwt iman ,sony ,wima ,dan anton met atas video clip yg br d’inggris

    Trs kpn knsr k semarang lagi ud bnyk bgt fans j-rocks d’semarang

    Tlg d’bc y……

  22. 22 Dika

    Aa iman kug lm bgt ch kluar album brny aq sm tmn q ud tngg lm bgt….

    Kang anton aq ksh nmr prsnlny j-rocks dong aq t ngefans buaaaangeeeeetttttt sm j-rocks,,,,,,…!!!!

  23. 23 Arief

    saya maw melihat profile anak2 band J-Rock, Iman,Anton,sony,dan Wima

  24. 24 Afan

    gue suka j-rocks dari mulai mereka ikutan “nescafe get started indie band competition”
    J-rocks emang band yang gue impiin dari kecil,coz dari kecil gue suka banget ama musik jepang,so gue sering berhayal seandainya aja ada band indonesia yang musiknya jepang punya, pasti gue seneng bangetz,coz gue bosen banget ama band2 indo yang kebanyakan musiknya gitu2 melulu! cengeng & nggak ada semangat!
    Gue harap j-rocks akan selalu konsisten dengan warna musiknya! Dan selama itu juga gue akan selalu ngefans sama mereka!
    ‘kapan manggung di tegal lagi?’

  25. 25 Dika

    Met ultah y mas sony yg ke 25 smg tmbh gntg(pstiny donz), pnjg umurny, n tmbh mju trs bwt band j-rocks ,,,,,

    Trs bwt managerny jngn pelit untk ngsh nmrny j-rocks

    pOKok’E mAjU TrS j-rOckS !!!!

    Jngn lpin fans” j-rocks yg ud dkg j-rocks slm ni ,,,

  26. 26 dedi

    hai bro, aku suka kalian. kalian adalah sumber inspirasiku untuk hidup. buat anak2 jepang di bekasi. kita kmpul2 yuk, hub aku di no 08561262707 for j-lovers

  27. 27 Jonas rivanno

    Gw sk bgt ma j-rocks krn smw prsnlny japanese abiezzz ! ! ! !

    Lho tw gw g ??! Gw ni jonas rivanno yg da d’film “khanza” yg da d’rcti jam 8mlm ! ! !

    Apalagi anton t pas ngedurm krn bgt gw salut abiez ! ! !

  28. 28 Risky

    hy J-ROCK’S…w pling ska klo klian gy knser…pa lg lagu jiyuue no shotai…

  29. Hi2… J rock star.gue suka bgt am loe smua.Pokokx hidup J Rock…!!!

  30. 30 ales

    kpan j-rock konser lg d dpok….???

  31. 31 ALES

    wat abank iman ajarin kita gitar lagu meski nya kau tahu dunk…….

  32. 32 togetoneko

    Nah too many posts now.. If you’d like to make a comment, please make one that is constructive or relates to your own j-rocks experiences. Fan comments would be better directed to forums such as on Friendster, Multiply, j-rocks.tk, j-rockstars.com (if these sites are ever online!), last.fm or start a thread on batsu.org (if there isnt one already?).

    To my Indonesian friends: Sekarang aku moderate posts. πŸ˜‰ hehehe Thanks everyone.

  33. 33 Watashiwa dhevy.r

    Watashiwa dhevy.r desu.
    SMG kara kimashita dozo yoroshiku onegashimasu.
    Q tunggu j-rocks d Smg.
    N’ sukses y ti tgl 29 oktbr.(ulth global)
    qt gi kmpL2 ma tmn
    j-rocks star,d ponogoro(smg).
    Nb:sms q kq,g prnh d blz sie…??ma onesan sigit.
    Arigato gozaimasu.


  34. 34 Watashiwa dhevy.r


    Aq ud g sbr ni tngg video clipny+lgny yg da d’london….

    Nb:aq ngefans bgt lho sm j-rocks n l’arc’en^ciel spy ttp eksis ja d’blntr msk indonesia bwt j-rocks mj trs lwn smw band indonesia yg gy mskny gt” melulu !!! Kykny j-rocks t band prtm yg d’ajak rkmn d’london ??!

  35. 35 Rf. Yanuar

    Hai hai..
    Kayanya di sini tempat berkumpulnya para J-Rockstar ya?
    Kebetulan gw udah tau J-Rocks semenjak mereka msh indie.
    Dulunya, mereka tuh band cover yg nyanyiin lagu2 Laruku. Bahkan ketika mereka baru punya 1 lagu (Mestinya Kuakhiri Semua) mereka msh sering bawain lagu2 Laruku. Terutama lagu READY STEADY GO yg saat itu lg tenar2nya.
    Tp aq ga setuju dgn tanggapan kebanyakan orang mengenai “Gara2 J-Rocks, Laruku jadi tambah dikenal di Indonesia”. Apa hubungannya ^^a?
    Gw udh jd fans berat Laruku sejak era album HEART (1996) loh. Dan byk teman2 gw yg jg udh lama kenal mereka. Dan bila mereka skrg terkenal di Indo, ya karena trend yg skrg berkembang juga Jejepangan. Hehe..

    Ups! Gw bukan Anti J-Rocks loh. Gw jg suka dgr lagu2nya.
    Tapi gw pribadi sebenarnya suka bgt ma PadI & Sheila on 7 (sopo yg nanya!?).

    Sip! Para Le Cielers pokoke jgn ampe nyerah buat dukung kedatangan mereka ke Indonesia! >.<.

  36. 36 adhiT

    HmmmmmM..gw suka laruku n gw jga suka J-ROCK thx for J-ROCK krn udah mengobaTin rasa rindu gw sm Laruku cz laruku ga pernah daTeng ke indonesia n ga mau concert di sini jdi sTiap gw liat J-ROCK d’TV or dmn pun gw seneg bngT n merasa meLihat band kesukaan gw yaiTu laruku!!
    sekaLi lagi thx for j-rock!!
    semoga sukses seLalu n bisa tour ke asia n eropa kyk laruku!!AMIEN!!

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